Teenage girl crying in front of a wall with abusive words written on it

Residential placements for youth

  • Assessment and Intervention Center (AIC)
  • Intensive Behavioral Health Facility (Angel House)
  • Summit Program (Substance Use)
  • Semi-Independent Apartments – ZIA
  • Intensive Behavioral Health Facility (Desert River)

Residential placement for adults

  • Behavioral Health Residential Facilities (BHRF)
  • Behavioral Health In-patient Facilities
  • Semi-Independent Apartments – ZIA
  • Semi-Independent Apartments (Kiva Apt)
  • Behavioral Health Therapeutic Homes (BHTH)
  • Chino Valley / Prescott

Residential placement for adults with developmental disabilities

Our residential program focuses on individualized support plans that promote the development of self-care, leisure, academic, vocational, social and community skills.

Care providers assist individuals placed in their charge to achieve and maintain a quality of life that promotes their vision of the future.