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Outpatient & In-Home Mental Health Therapy Services

Through our network, services provided by Intermountain Centers focus on increasing day-to-day functionality. Our goal is to help members move to self sufficiency with the goal of all members to live successfully within their home and community.


Intermountain Centers provides an array psychiatric services for children, adolescents, and adults including comprehensive psychiatric evaluation and follow-up psychiatric treatment. All assessment and treatment services are focused on providing evidence-based services to meet the individualized needs of our members, which may include the use of medications and/or psychosocial interventions.

Care Coordination

A very unique strength that Intermountain Centers has to offer is our broad continuum of care. The use of this continuum within the AZ System of Care requires unique Care Coordination.

Care Coordination is the art of ensuring every members needs are met. Care Coordination includes assessment of needs, referrals, cross system communication and monitoring and reporting of outcomes.

Intermountain Centers Care Coordinators serve across all service lines within the organization.