Successful Outcomes

Earlier this year, a member in Yuma was released from jail and found themselves living in their vehicle, while her children sought refuge with a relative. With the weight of their situation bearing down, she reached out to Community Partners Integrated Healthcare (CPIH) for assistance. Our dedicated team sprang into action, securing a spot in the transformative Crossroads Mission New Life Program. The member's journey through the program culminated in a triumphant graduation. Guiding her further, our skilled case manager deftly navigated a housing application, resulting in approval. The once-fractured family was joyfully reunited in a new apartment.

Presently, this resilient individual tackles two jobs, her determination shining. Collaborating with Vocational Rehab Services, she is attaining extra training, setting her sights on a fulfilling career. Armed with acquired coping mechanisms and a strong support system, she is unwavering in maintaining sobriety and nurturing family stability. The member's heart brims with gratitude for the incredibly meaningful aid received from the CPIH treatment collective. Their unflagging efforts in self-improvement illuminate a path toward a brighter future.

Resilience is an 11 year-old girl that enrolled in services in 2019 after she was placed with her aunt as kinship placement in Nogales. She came from Phoenix where DCS took custody of her due to her mother's substance use and neglect. Intermountain Health Center (IHC) provided individual counseling, family counseling and psychiatric services as she was experiencing depression, anger, confusion and anxiety due to the fact that she was living with her aunt and three cousins and was having difficulty adjusting to this drastic change. Her aunt and the Intermountain team worked hard to support her, guide her, coach her and empower her.

Since joining services in 2019, she has evolved from a vulnerable 11-year-old to a thriving, confident young girl. The nurturing environment provided by her aunt and the dedicated Intermountain team allowed her to conquer the shadows of her past. Through individual and family counseling, Resilience confronted her depression, anger, and anxiety, gradually embracing her new life with her aunt and cousins. Now, after four years, she stands as a symbol of triumph, having officially been adopted into her aunt's family. Resilience radiates happiness, academic success, and the security of a loving home—a testament to her unyielding spirit and the unwavering support she received. Resilience's remarkable journey embodies the transformative power of support and love.

A member with a Serious Mental Illness (SMI) diagnosis was recently treated by our Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACT: A collaborative treatment team working to address needs related to medication, therapy, medical, vocational, substance use disorders, housing and activities of daily living), and case managed by Community Partners Integrated Healthcare (CPIH) Outpatient team. Struggling with frequent hospitalizations and high-risk behaviors, the ACT and Outpatients teams referred the member to Kiva House (in-patient treatment facility) for additional supports and stabilization. After several months at Kiva, the member gained the ability to cope with symptoms of the SMI diagnosis. Kiva site staff collaborated with the ACT team to develop a safe discharge plan for the member to re-enter the community.

After months of dedicated care, the transformation in this member is truly inspiring. The combined efforts of our ACT and CPIH Outpatient teams have been instrumental in guiding them towards a brighter path. Having battled recurring hospitalizations and high-risk behaviors, the decision to involve Kiva House, proved to be a pivotal one. Through consistent support and stabilization at Kiva, the member achieved newfound skills to manage the challenges posed by their SMI diagnosis. The collaboration between Kiva site staff and ACT paved the way for a secure transition back into the community, marking a significant chapter in their journey of recovery.