A New Chapter Begins

We are thrilled to announce that Rio Salado Behavioral Health (www.riosaladobhs.org) will be joining Intermountain Centers as an affiliate this summer. This partnership marks a significant milestone in our ongoing mission to provide comprehensive, compassionate, and accessible behavioral health services across Arizona.

“As the President and CEO of Intermountain Centers,” said Rose Lopez, “I am excited about the opportunities this affiliation brings and confident in the positive impact it will have on the communities we serve.”

Rio Salado Behavioral Health has a long-standing reputation for excellence in behavioral health care, with a dedicated team of professionals committed to enhancing the well-being of their clients. Bringing Rio Salado under the Intermountain Centers umbrella not only expands Intermountain’s service capacity but also enriches the quality of care we can provide through the integration of their expertise and innovative practices.

A guiding belief of Intermountain Centers is that collaboration is key to addressing the diverse needs of our clients. One of the most exciting aspects of this affiliation is the opportunity to expand our reach and serve more individuals in need. Behavioral health issues are pervasive and can affect anyone, regardless of age, background, or circumstance. By combining resources and expertise, Intermountain Centers and Rio Salado can deliver more targeted and effective interventions, reduce barriers to care, and promote mental health and wellness on a broader scale.

From all of us at Intermountain, we extend a heartfelt welcome to the staff of Rio Salado Behavioral Health.

To our clients and community partners, thank you for your continued trust and support. This affiliation is a testament to our commitment to evolving and growing in response to the needs of the communities we serve.

“As we embark on this new chapter,” Rose Lopez said, “I am filled with optimism and enthusiasm for the future. Together, we will continue to build a stronger, more resilient behavioral health system that supports individuals in achieving their fullest potential. Thank you for being a part of this journey with us.“