A Community Closet for All

Every day many of our members face difficult decisions, such as the choice between clothing for children and affording food. Another example might be providing school supplies when a family can barely keep the lights on. Some members lack a roof over their head entirely, living out of cars or in makeshift shelters. Many of the individuals we serve regularly walk the line between desperation and destitution. As an organization committed to easing the suffering of all at-risk and vulnerable individuals and communities across Arizona, a major need for member support has been continuously growing in the face of skyrocketing inflation and housing costs.

Intermountain’s Tucson Community Closet, led by site Director Gregory Bejar and his team, is a solution that turns the tide on so many difficult decisions our members face daily. It provides clothing, living essentials such as towels and bedding, shoes, baby care and onesies, household goods such as kitchen supplies, and more, all for free to any member in need. To date we have stocked the closet with nearly $200,000 retail value worth of goods. For our members, that means less anxiety about paying bills, not having to choose between a baby’s clothes and the cost of prescriptions, or worrying about having clean, presentable clothing for a job interview that could be the turning point in one’s life.

In a recent exciting development, Vice President of Clinical Operations, Amy Cue, has collaborated with Paul O’Rourke, Vice President of Development and Communications, to spearhead the opening of a Community Partners closet in Phoenix, growing this now into a statewide project.

We are fortunate to have made this possible due to the generosity of a few impactful partnerships, starting with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who has provided us with both beds and vouchers for our members to use at designated thrift stores in Tucson. In addition, we have grown a silent partnership with a retailer that has provided us with nearly $140,000 of in-kind donations to date. Thank you to everyone who has made this possible, including our incredible staff who supports our members’ needs daily.